Qualified Electronic Signature

A secure electronic signature that can be issued standalone or alongside Fourthline’s bank-grade KYC onboarding.


You want to onboard customers with a fully digital flow, but traditional solutions eat away at conversion and scalability.

With a bank-grade KYC + QES flow, you can onboard customers without compromising on user experience, conversion rates, or peak performance.

KYC, loan agreements, mortgage agreements.

A secure digital signature

Fourthline's Qualified Electronic Signature has the highest levels of security and can be used to open new accounts, issue credit or sign a contract. Offer your customers a user friendly QES solution, without compromising on scalability or conversion rates.

Enterprises using VideoIdent or BankIdent can add QES to Fourthline's bank-grade KYC onboarding flow as a scalable alternative.

Offer customers a seamless user experience while boosting conversions and lowering operational costs. Best of all, it's fully compliant with local anti-money laundering laws.

Higher conversion ratescareer growth - icon

Fourthline’s KYC onboarding with QES flow has better conversion rates compared to traditional BankIdent or VideoIdent.  

Optimize for scalability and UXElevated experience - icon

Fourthline’s KYC onboarding with QES delivers a flow optimized for peak performance while eliminating wait times.

80-95% lower compliance costsexpenses reimbursement - icon

Reduce costs with a fully digital process that doesn’t require customer service agents or back-office specialists.  

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