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Experience best-in-class fraud detection at industry-leading conversion and compliance levels. Fourthline verifies millions of identities for banks, fintechs, and more.

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Forward-thinking prevention

Best-in-class fraud detection

Catch 60% more fraudsters and also flag high risk cases with the Fourthline Formula, the most extensive set of KYC analyses in the industry. Select the level of verification that fits your business.

Industry-leading conversion levels

Onboard customers with the most comprehensive level of verification - all in less than 2 minutes. Other KYC providers have 5x-10x longer handling times or significantly fewer checks at similar conversion levels.

Unparalleled compliance and security

Benefit from the only KYC provider licensed by regulators (both DNB and FCA). Our products are built in-house and locally compliant. And all data is processed and stored in the EU.

Lowest Cost of Compliance

Leverage our highly efficient EU based analysts to reduce in-house costs on investigations (e.g., fraud, PEP, watchlist), quality control and non-converting flow. Our analysts can provide a final and risk based CDD verdict.


KYC and re-KYC

Verify billions of individuals from more than 195 countries.

KYC Remediation

Support huge inflows of incidental verifications.

Know your Business

Verify small and medium enterprises (beta).


The Fourthline Formula:
Catch 60% more fraud

  • Create a comprehensive KYC profile by using the 8 advantages of the Fourthline Formula (compared to a market standard of 2-3).

  • Catch 60% more fraud with advanced identity verification features unique to the Fourthline Formula.

  • Flag cases as high risk (up to 7%) and decide to onboard, reject, or monitor based on your risk preferences.

  • Select the level of verification that fits your business: Use the complete Fourthline Formula or a limited number of checks.

The Fourthline Formula advantages

1. ID verification

Verify 3,500-plus documents using hundreds of AI analyzers and proprietary OCR/NFC technology, including hard documents (e.g., Italian paper ID). Extract personal details to avoid friction and verify documents as secondary ID (e.g., proof of address).

2. Biometric verification

Use advanced 3D technology and photometric algorithms to match a selfie or short video to the ID document. Escalate to a four-eye expert review if AI doesn’t return conclusive results.

3. Database checks

Check 500-plus databases, including sanctions/watchlists, PEP, police databases, adverse media as well as country-specific databases (e.g., Cifas). Identify hits and eliminate false positives through our proprietary software.

4. ID authenticity

Perform a series of checks to establish whether a document is truly authentic. Leverage AI to localize and mark security features on a randomized basis with a full audit trail.

5. Data consistency

Create a plot which visualizes the consistency of data by extracting and comparing many visible and invisible data points (e.g., geo location, device metadata, and address).

6. Joint forces

Collaborate on flagging money mules, professional ID fraudsters, and other high-risk sign-ups through the biggest European GDPR-compliant solution for financial institutions.

7. Second opinion

Use highly trained fraud experts -including former police officers- for a second opinion on thousands of automated checks. The human eye blocks fraudsters attempting to fool the algorithms.

8. Daily monitoring

Catch recurring or colluding fraudsters through daily monitoring. Find overlapping data points and statistical anomalies with our Enhanced Fraud and Profiling Investigations.

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