AML screening, but better

The Fourthline AML screening has the highest speed to conclusive outcomes, highest accuracy of detecting false positives & a wide range of functionalities to increase your AML capabilities as you scale.

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The challenge

AML screening is complex & fragmented. It burdens teams & clients with error-prone, multi-step processes.

Our solution

Fourthline’s AML screening software solution helps your business mitigate risks & adhere to AML regulations by screening your clients with exceptional efficiency - powered by Machine Learning & automation.

Use cases

AML screening during client onboarding, single AML screening, daily AML screening, augmenting AML measures.

Challenge the status quo of your AML screening

This is the new generation of AML software where manual work is reduced to the minimum.

De-layer AML screening

All about your AML screening in one place, & simplified. Fourthline rules out false positives & provides a conclusive outcome, which means less operations for your team. Using our technology means less mistakes & less need for investigations.

Rely with confidence

Discover sanctioned individuals, politically exposed persons & adverse media listed individuals with the perfect balance between confirming more hits to keep listed clients out & eliminating more false positives to keep good clients in. All that with unmatched accuracy & level of security.

Build trust today & tomorrow

Augment your AML capabilities as you scale with our add-ons: Fourthline Fraud Database screening, expert-led investigations, ops team case review, daily AML monitoring & a SaaS case review portal for your teams.


AML screening

One portal to master your AML screening processes

Process or audit cases, all with a streamlined experience & an integrated overview of your clients, their checks & their evidenced Customer Due Diligence (CDD) files.

Case Review Portal

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