AML Screening with superior efficiency

Mitigate money laundering risk & adhere to AML regulations by screening your clients with exceptional efficiency.

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The challenge

Regulated financial institutions are obliged to screen their existing & prospective clients against several lists to comply with the regulatory requirements for risk management.

Our solution

State of the art AML Screening & Monitoring solutions with automated, fast & accurate conclusive outcomes.

Use cases

AML Screening during client onboarding, single AML Screening, daily AML Monitoring.

Challenge the status quo of your AML Screening

This is the new generation of AML software where manual work is reduced to the minimum.

Up to 85% automated false positive rule out

Replace AML Screening confidence scores with certainty. Fourthline’s AML Screening is meticulously designed to achieve up to 85% percent of automatic false positive rule out so that you can spend less time & money on AML Investigations.

Tailored to your needs today & tomorrow

Tailor AML Screening to your business case & risk appetite with AML Screening capabilities that are flexible by design. Single AML Screening, daily AML Monitoring & AML Investigations - all in one place. Configure the lists & capabilities you need today & add more when you need them in the future.

Auditable AML Screening

Fourthline’s AML Screening delivers accurate conclusive outcomes - fast, resulting with less error-prone operations. Achieve the perfect balance between confirming more hits to keep listed clients out & eliminating more false positives to keep good clients in. CDD reports are available via a single API call.


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One portal to master your KYC & AML operations

Fourthline’s Case Review Portal is an AI-powered solution where teams can efficiently process & audit cases with a complete overview of all client profiles, checks performed & evidenced audit trails.

Case Review Portal

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