Identity Verification

Onboard clients with a hyper-accurate verification solution that's built for conversion.

Phone showcasing the biometric face scan procedure

The problem

You need to onboard clients as securely, quickly, and seamlessly as possible, but are up against extensive regulatory requirements.

Our solution

We offer a proprietary solution with bank-grade identification and verification, decreasing friction for your clients.


Automated onboarding and GDPR-proof biometric verification.

Anti-fraud, pro conversion

Document types
Response time
Automatic decision making
Fraud detection accuracy
GDPR compliant

Go beyond a simple selfie and document check

Fourthline performs deep analysis on every identity verification, checking for authenticity, security features, liveness, and more. Over 210 checks are performed on every document and selfie, resulting in the highest level of fraud detection accuracy compared to other identity verification service providers and identity verification software. 

90% of checks are performed automatically in the background in real time, ensuring a state-of-the-art user experience. The user is provided with live feedback during the onboarding process, improving first-try conversion rates. 

How it works

fraud detection

Seamless integration

Integrate mobile and web SDKs within weeks:

  • Customizable branding and workflows with choice of brand colors, fonts, logos, and more 

  • Available for iOS, Android and web browsers through our web SDK

  • Seamless UX and onboarding flow built for UX and conversion

  • Localization and configurations in up to eight languages

We protect what matters

“Rather than relying on off-the-shelf software, we build our algorithms from scratch and train them directly on data within our domain.”

Sebastian Vater | VP of ML Research - Fourthline
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