Anti-financial crime

Smart fraud detection with augmented analytics and machine learning for the highest possible fraud accuracy.

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The problem

Highly accurate fraud detection requires a lot of data and high-tech solutions.

Our solution

Based on millions of onboardings and data points, our systems detect fraud at unparalleled rates. Fourthline monitors trends on a cross-border and cross-partner basis without breaching GDPR.


Enhanced fraud detection, accurate risk scoring, pattern detection, emerging-threats analysis, colluding-criminals detection.

Next-generation fraud detection

Our approach to anti-financial crime is continuous, predictive, and driven by machine learning. We detect and assess financial crime not only at onboarding but throughout the entire lifecycle of a customer.

Having performed millions of KYC onboardings, Fourthline’s anti-financial crime experts have been trained extensively in signaling risk indicators, identifying patterns, and putting insights into action. 

Proprietary algorithms and augmented analytics result in pattern recognition that informs decisioning and risk scoring, to identify more legitimate customers and detect fraudsters during onboarding and throughout the customer lifecycle.  

State-of-the-art machine learning

In-house proprietary technology with leading-edge machine learning algorithms is built by a team of skilled and dedicated experts. Our facial recognition algorithm is designed to avoid bias and discrimination. 

Leverage predictive pattern recognition

By triangulating multidimensional data, we identify indicators of crime and deliver actionable risk insights. We never leave our partners to deal with grey areas. 

Always-on fraud detection

Our continuous approach ensures seamless compliance beyond onboarding. Our systems are built to detect and assess financial crime throughout the entire lifecycle of a user.

AFC during onboarding

  • ID fraud detection and mitigation

  • Identity theft detection during verification

  • Address and geolocation search

  • Facial Recognition Screening

  • Country-specific database checks

  • Pep and sanction list screening

AFC after onboarding

  • Automated monitoring that checks for suspicious behavior

  • AML daily screening

  • Ongoing trends and risk analysis with our secured data

  • Enhanced FinCrime Detection and Prevention

  • Continuous pep and sanction list screening

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Daily / Weekly / Monthly reporting

We provide a variety of different reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, equipping partners with actionable insights. We leave no grey areas and leave virtually no handling time up to our partners. 

Solve your AML compliance challenges with Fourthline

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