Fourthline featured in new Aite Group report on loan fraud prevention

New report advises consumer lenders on how to build a strong control framework that thwarts fraudsters right at the point of application.

Fourthline TeamBy Fourthline Team

Aite Group's Fraud & AML service has released a new report advising consumer lenders on the criticality of modern fraud prevention technology within the lending fraud landscape. With third-party fraud risk topping the list of challenges facing lenders over the next two years, digital identity and machine learning solutions are essential to protection against increasingly devious fraud practices.

In Managing Lending Fraud: Digital Identity and Machine Learning Are Table Stakes, Aite Group uses learnings from dozens of depository and nondepository institutions across North America to map the risks and mitigation tactics associated with third-party or stolen identity fraud, synthetic identity fraud, and first-party fraud.

Fourthline is featured in the "Identity Document Application" section of the report as a leading provider that natively provides identity document capture and verification solutions. Visit the Aite Group website to learn more or purchase the full report.

Robert-Jan Van Vugt, Business Development Director

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