Fourthline launches KYC dashboard for clients

In the beginning of 2020, we launched a beta version of our KYC Dashboard to a select group of users. We're now excited and proud to announce that we've rolled the Dashboard out to all of our clients.

Jesse Weststrate, Head of ProductBy Jesse Weststrate - Head of Product
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After extensive beta testing and a closed review period, Fourthline’s Dashboard officially went live earlier this month. We will be rolling out this new feature to clients over the next few weeks to provide them with real-time insights into their customers’ KYC journeys.

“Because our clients are heavily regulated, they need a portal that accommodates their desire to be in full control of their customers' onboarding experience, while receiving meaningful insights on key metrics,” says Krik Gunning, CEO of Fourthline.

Fourthline’s Dashboard will be the go-to resource for our clients to track identity verifications, re-KYC flows, and remediation KYC outcomes—and to keep a close eye on important overall metrics.

A glimpse of the Fourthline Dashboard
A glimpse of the Fourthline Dashboard

Built to scale and able to serve the needs of even our most rigorously regulated enterprise customers, the Dashboard is integrated with all of our existing APIs and more.

Hit the ground running

Whether you want to see customer conversion rates by geography, attempts grouped with detailed risk information, or the actual status of a pending AML investigation, it’s all there. Your operations, compliance and KYC departments don't need to look any further for necessary data, as they can hit the ground running with this powerful tool.

Fourthline's focus on close collaboration with their clients ensures that they build products that fit our needs

Nelly Doudina – Senior KYC Expert at Yolt (by ING)

Our Dashboard doesn't come with additional costs, as we firmly believe that it is our role to empower clients to be on top of their data so they can intelligently ramp up existing markets or enter new ones. Providing hands-on tools and relevant insights is essential for achieving this objective.

About Fourthline

Fourthline is one of Europe’s fastest growing fintech companies for digital KYC (Know Your Customer). Trusted by banks, online brokerages, insurers and leading fintechs, Fourthline verifies millions of identities for customers like N26, DeGiro, Solarisbank, Flatex, ING, and many more. We provide best-in-class fraud detection at industry-leading conversion and compliance levels.

Our mission is to protect the online financial system by using the most innovative technologies to develop the safest and most customer friendly digital KYC solution.

Mission statement Fourthline

Our mission is to protect the online financial system by using the most innovative technologies to develop the safest and most customer friendly digital KYC solution. We share a love for fighting financial crime and building a beautiful product with a positive impact on the world.

Fourthline is part of Safened-Fourthline BV which is regulated as a Payment Institution by the Dutch Central Bank and the Financial Conduct Authority. Our executive team has a combined experience of more than 80 years at top banks and consultancies.

Robert-Jan Van Vugt, Business Development Director

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SAFENED Fourthline B.V. is a company registered in The Netherlands and is authorised and regulated by DNB.

SAFENED Fourthline is a company registered in England and Wales and is authorised and regulated by the FCA.