Fourthline is recognized in Forrester’s Now Tech Anti-Money-Laundering Solutions report

Fourthline is recognized as one of the 19 providers of AML solutions in Forrester’s Now Tech: AML Solutions, Q1 2022 report

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Forrester Now Tech

Leading global research and advisory firm Forrester is the go-to resource for business leaders in their search for software solutions.

Their Now Tech reports are designed to help businesses "understand, identify, and shortlist the vendors that align with their most critical business technology issues".

We’re proud to be recognized in their Now Tech: Anti-Money-Laundering (AML) Solutions, Q1 2022.

The rising necessity of AML solution providers

Forrester recalls that money laundering and terrorist financing are on the rise.

For that reason, it urges financial institutions, insurance companies, and gaming and gambling companies “to understand which individuals and organizations they do business with and monitor and intercept transactions that display signs of potential money laundering.”

The report also confirms that working with an AML solution provider will enable a company to:

  1. “Shrink exposure to regulatory fines and sanctions;

  2. Reduce costs associated with AML, including data ingestion and investigation; and

  3. Improve AML accuracy by integration with enterprise fraud management (EFM) solutions.”

How to choose the right AML solution provider?

The report provides an overview of 19 AML solutions providers and helps security and risk, and AML professionals understand the value they can expect from them.

The Forrester report names Fourthline in the KYC-focused solutions functionality segment. We believe our recognition in this segment points to our strong focus on watchlist management and identity verification integration.

In addition, we think it shows our ability to provide identity verification, address verification, watchlist filtering, and sanctions screening, among others, at onboarding, all throughout the customer’s lifecycle.

Serkan Ünal, Head of Strategic Partnerships
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