Fourthline CEO discusses fraud detection with Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant

Krik Gunning explains how Fourthline uses proprietary technology to help safeguard the financial system.

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Krik Gunning Volkskrant

In a profile piece for the Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant, Fourthline CEO Krik Gunning discusses everything from Dutch money mules to Italian mobsters and how Fourthline prevents them from defrauding banks around the world.

In addition to highlighting Fourthline's recent successes and rapid growth trajectory, Gunning also details the advantages of the 200 automated data checks Fourthline has in place to help banks and other regulated enterprises rapidly and accurately distinguish honest customers from money launderers, fraudsters and other criminals.

Read the full article (in Dutch) at de Volkskrant

(image above courtesy of Eva Faché/Volkskrant)

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