In the media: Will there still be anonymous zones in crypto?

"Wird es im Krypto-Space bald keine KYC-freien Zonen mehr geben?"

Fourthline Forrester TEI thumbnailBy The Fourthline Team

In the interview with BTC-ECHO with Peter Grausgruber, the CFO of Fourthline, a leading KYC provider in the fintech sector, the focus is on the fight against financial crime and the role of KYC in the crypto industry. Grausgruber emphasizes the importance of not compromising on quality in the rapidly growing fintech sector to prevent financial crime effectively.

Regarding KYC in the crypto space, Grausgruber mentions that KYC will always exist in some form, but the key is to use the right technology and verification methods for different counterparts. He acknowledges the need for regulation and standardization in the financial industry, allowing the market to evolve.

Discussing the potential of zero-knowledge proof as a means of identity verification, Grausgruber expresses openness to new technologies and additional security measures. However, he notes that it's too early to determine whether zero-knowledge proof could replace traditional KYC processes.

Regarding the MiCA draft law in Europe, Grausgruber sees the need for a standardized regulatory framework across all countries to provide clarity and consistency for companies operating in the crypto space.

Gabriele Rosati
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