Account authentication

Easy account recovery with superior protection against account takeover fraud.


To prevent unauthorized access, you need to make sure the account holder is the same as the account user on a continuous basis.

Frictionless step-up authentication, consisting of device, geolocation, and biometric checks which can be triggered on a risk basis or time basis.

Money mule prevention, phishing attack prevention, rebinding, password recovery.

Prevent account takeover fraud

Add layers of security to prevent account takeover fraud committed through social engineering or by money mules. With Account Authentication you can add a selfie check in the event of red flags, such as inconsistencies in device metadata and geolocation or for large transactions. We compare the new data with data at the time of onboarding to ensure the account user is the same person using the account - protecting you and your customer against fraudulent activity.

Frictionless fraud preventionMaximum fraud detection - icon

Prevent fraud after sign-up with a simple selfie check in under 10 seconds. Make the process nearly effortless for your customer while preventing account takeovers. 

Check for known fraud hotspotswhereabout checks - icon

Continuously check if the account is being accessed from locations that are associated with fraudulent activity. Fourthline’s Fraud Prevention List is built on millions of onboarding cases across markets.

Periodic or event-based checksID verification - icon

Perform selfie checks at intervals based on risk scores, or ask for a selfie if something changes in the device data or geolocation data, to always be certain the account user is the same person as the account holder.

Password recovery and rebinding in seconds

Traditional password recovery and rebinding are essential tasks that can be labor intensive. It places a big administrative burden on internal teams and can mean long wait times for your customer.

Account Authentication enables your customers to restore access to their accounts in seconds, not days, with a fully digital flow.

Instant password recoveryCustomer growth - icon

Let your customer regain access to their accounts in seconds instead of days with a seamless user experience.

Increased efficiencyre-kyc - icon

Easy account recovery with superior protection against account takeover fraud.

Save up to 80% on costsdaily monitoring - icon

Minimize the administrative burden and save up to 80% in manual labor costs.

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