AML Screening and Monitoring

Ensure AML compliance throughout the customer lifecycle from start to finish.


Investigation of watchlist hits is a time-consuming and labor-intensive task that needs to be done both at onboarding and throughout the customer lifecycle.

We offer peace of mind by screening every single one of your customers on a daily basis against 800+ global lists.

Regulatory compliance, prevention of terrorist financing, OFAC compliance, enhanced fraud prevention, accurate risk scoring.

Compliance as an asset, not an obstacle

The continuous screening and monitoring of your full customer base against watchlists can be a daunting task, one that’s both resource-intensive and time-consuming.

Fourthline’s AML Screening and Monitoring takes proprietary algorithms, dedicated expertise and years of diverse industry experience to support watchlist management throughout the full customer lifecycle.

We handle the full monitoring process end-to-end and always deliver a conclusive result, minimizing operational effort spent on investigating hits.

Highest fraud detection accuracy True compliance - icon

By leveraging more data points (such as date and place of birth), we can catch more true hits than other solutions, protecting your brand from customers you can’t afford to work with. 

Rule out false positivesMaximum fraud detection - icon

Our proprietary rule logic eliminates more false positives than any other solution, focusing time and effort where it really matters.  

Avoid costly in-house investigationsex post investigation - icon

95% of manual in-house effort goes into investigating potential hits. Working with Fourthline eliminates any manual intervention on your side.  

Tech that works hard —so you don’t have to

Fourthline handles full watchlist screening and monitoring end-to-end. Automatically approve more low-risk customers at onboarding and throughout the customer lifecycle. Any hits are investigated by us, requiring zero action from in-house teams. We always deliver a conclusive result, maximizing operational efficiencies.  

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