Proof of Address

Highly accurate device and geolocation intelligence that boosts conversions.


Traditional proof of address (PoA) documents are easy to falsify by fraudsters and hard to find for legitimate customers, causing delays and reducing conversion rates.

A proof of address check that is more accurate than traditional methods – one that creates a full picture of potential fraud by analyzing metadata, geolocation, and customer identity.

KYC, help clients meet regulatory requirements, eligibility checks.

Next-generation fraud detection

Our approach to anti-financial crime is continuous, predictive, and driven by machine learning. We detect and assess financial crime not only at onboarding but throughout the entire lifecycle of a customer.

Having performed millions of KYC onboardings, Fourthline’s anti-financial crime experts have been trained extensively in signaling risk indicators, identifying patterns, and putting insights into action. 

Proprietary algorithms and augmented analytics result in pattern recognition that informs decisioning and risk scoring, to identify more legitimate customers and detect fraudsters during onboarding and throughout the customer lifecycle.  

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No more delays and drop-offs in conversions. Verify your customer’s address in seconds and boost conversion rates.

Maximize fraud detectionMaximum fraud detection - icon

While traditional proof-of-address checks rely on documents that can be falsified, our holistic analysis of geolocation and device intelligence catches fraud that others miss.

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Say goodbye to uploading paper documents. Offer your customers a fully digital PoA check that is performed in seconds.

How does it work?

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Fraud detection accuracy

Our PoA tech detects fraud at a higher accuracy rate than other KYC providers, so you can be confident that you are only onboarding trustworthy customers.

Completion rates

Fourthline has helped its clients achieve an overall conversion rate of 99.7% – with only 0.3% failing at the address verification stage.

AML and GDPR compliance

Our PoA solution is fully compliant with GDPR and AML regulations.

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