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A full set of digital identity management solutions for regulated enterprises

Choose the solution to meet your business needs & regulatory obligations.

KYC Onboarding

Confirm the identity of natural persons or businesses when they open an account, with basic ID&V in seconds and end-to-end bank-grade KYC in under a minute.

KYC Remediation

Define a KYC standard for your existing customers and apply it in seconds, using “if-then" triggers to verify customer data on file and configure actions based on the results.


Trigger event- or time-based identity confirmations to maintain your compliance standards as customer account data changes over time.

Continuous KYC

Ensure that account creators and account users are one and the same by monitoring device data and connecting users to their device in real-time, with results in <30 seconds.

Watchlist Screening

Check your customers—once or daily—against real-time watchlists, PEP and sanction lists, country-specific databases, CIFAS, and Fourthline’s proprietary fraud database.

Electronic ID (eID)

Provide your customers with the convenience of a reusable digital identity they can use across products, geographies and trusted third-party partners.

Fourthline’s end-to-end KYC solution streamlines the entire process


Onboarding flow

The Fourthline KYC process begins with a fully customizable onboarding flow that collects over 210 data points needed to confirm your customers’ identities, including biometrics, document information, whereabouts, device metadata and more. Fourthline’s web or mobile KYC onboarding application guides customers through a fast and thorough data submission process built with user experience and accessibility prioritized to deliver industry-leading conversion rates without sacrificing fraud detection accuracy.

Verification and analysis

Fourthline next executes a three-tier verification process—over 99% automated through proprietary technology and AI algorithms. After determining whether the ID is genuine or fraudulent, we conduct biometric analysis to match the ID photo to the person who submitted it. We then run a set of checks to uncover anomalies and inconsistencies. These steps comprise a 5AML- and GDPR-compliant process that fulfills all relevant regulatory requirements. Applying years of financial crime data to these checks delivers the most comprehensive set of information to substantiate whether you can—and want to—accept a customer.

Proof of Address

Outcome and decisions

Based on your compliance requirements, risk appetite and existing processes, Fourthline designs customized decision-making and reporting protocols. These protocols address everything from the right balance between automated and human checks, to reliance versus outsourcing arrangements, full audit trails, risk scoring, tailored escalation protocols, and custom reporting. We don’t just return flags, but an actual verdict on even the most challenging clients.


Fourthline’s KYC approach goes beyond initial customer sign-up and verification. Through proprietary post-onboarding techniques and database checks, Fourthline catches an additional 20 to 30 percent of fraud attempts. With daily screening against PEP/sanctions lists and Fourthline’s own fraud database, combined with practices like rebinding, re-KYC, and remediation, Fourthline continues the fight against fraud throughout the customer lifecycle.


The Fourthline Formula

Pick and choose only the modules you need, or integrate an end-to-end, bank-grade solution.

ID verification

Identify and authenticate over 3500 official documents from around the world using NFC, best-in-class OCR, and advanced AI to collect data and process cases in seconds—with industry-leading 99.98% accuracy.

Biometric analysis

Outsource your selfie verification for KYC, re-KYC, or rebinding—checking customers for liveness and document ownership in seconds through cutting-edge facial recognition technology with full GDPR compliance.

Database checks

Meet your compliance requirements while avoiding false positives with checks against PEP/sanctions lists, watchlists, client databases, adverse media, police databases, and Fourthline’s own fraud database.

Whereabouts checks

Confirm your customers’ self-reported data with advanced location analysis. Fourthline uses multilayered device fingerprinting and metadata to expose money mules and other fraudulent activity.

Ex-post investigation

Catch an additional 20-30% of fraud through our unique and thorough post-processing activities, with false positive investigations, event triggers, database-enhancing feedback, four-eye review and more.

Daily monitoring

Keep your existing customer records compliant and up-to-date by running daily checks against Fourthline’s proprietary fraud database, along with all major watchlists and criminal databases.

Fraud experts

Fourthline's hybrid approach augments AI with EU-based analysts to reduce in-house costs on investigations, quality control, and non-converting flow. Our analysts can provide a final and risk-based CDD verdict.

Detailed risk configuration

Configure a tailored KYC solution to address your precise needs. Partner with Fourthline’s expert team to assess your risk appetite and compliance requirements across international and local regulations.

"Fourthline came out on top based on conversion rates, fraud detection accuracy, and UX."

Alexander Emeshev, Vivid Money Co-founder
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