Queer visibility at Fourthline – sharing our stories

Queer people at FL

At Fourthline, we believe in the power of diversity and inclusivity. That's why we're proud to launch our Project Pride, a groundbreaking initiative that aims to give a voice to our Queer colleagues and celebrate their experiences in the workplace.

Project Pride started with a captivating photoshoot, where our Queer team members took center stage, shining a spotlight on their unique stories and identities. We paired these powerful visuals with an engaging article series that delves into the personal journeys of our Queer employees at Fourthline.

But this project is about much more than just photographs and stories. By sharing their experiences, our Queer colleagues foster open dialogue throughout the organization, sparking conversations about the Queer experience in the workplace. Through these discussions, we aim to cultivate greater awareness, understanding, and education, forging a path towards a more equal and inclusive workplace for everyone.

Alvaro Zapata

“Expressing yourself as an open queer person in the workplace is difficult because we are used to hiding it in formal environments because of the fear of not being taken seriously because of that or even getting rejected due to preconceptions of your teammates and superiors.”

Alvaro | Senior Analyst - Fourthline

“Pride is a great opportunity too to not only celebrate the progress the community has achieved but also remember those that fought over decades so that we can enjoy these days, rights, and freedom.”

Cristian | Customer Operations Expert - Fourthline
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Niall quote - Image

“My role is to ensure that Fourthline is playing by the rules and adhering to the laws and regulations that govern a financial institution. But I am a criminal; in 64 UN countries where it is still illegal to be gay, and in 11 of them, I could be subject to the death penalty.”

Niall | Head of Compliance - Fourthline

“Just be yourself, that is my motto”

Carlos | Facility manager - Fourthline
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“I like to celebrate pride, because I believe that we have to give visibility to the LGBTQIA+ community, since it is still forbidden to be homosexual in more than 60 countries, punishable by prison or death.”

Pere | Barcelona facility manager - Fourthline

“When I could finally attend to my first Pride ever, August 2005 in Amsterdam to be precise, I was on my own, no family or friends were with me.”

Quille | Daily operations analyst - Fourthline
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Carlos Sanchez quote - image

“I celebrate Pride because there are still people who think we are overacting all time. We needed, and we still do need, to fight hard just for the fact of other people recognizes us as just another regular human being, we need to ask for respect.”

Carlos | IT support engineer - Fourthline

“Defending our right to exist as any human being, no matter who we are or who we love, each and every day; that's my way of celebrate pride. That's why I consider that Pride is not just a celebration, but a revindication of who we are and the proof that we will stand strong and united.”

Ono | Daily operations analyst - Fourthline
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At Fourthline, we value diverse perspectives and embrace learning from each other's journeys. By acknowledging the different experiences of our Queer team members, we create a safer and more understanding work environment for all.

Not only are we committed to fostering change within our organization, but we also strive to make a positive impact on the broader LGBTQIA+ community. As part of Project Pride, we will not only give back to our internal community by sharing these stories but also extend our support to external causes.